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Cataclysm II (two day pass)

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The year is 2039, three years after WW3, the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. The US is in a fragile situation and is being taken over by what was its last form of interior security, the Federation Death Squad. They have orders from they're commander to use whatever force needed to complete their mission. A Team has been assigned to protect a vital source of life, a source of fresh mountain water. These guys are dedicated and will fight to the death. A large group of rebels called the Ghost Army want to control the water in this region, so they are planning an uprising to take the water source for their own. The area is also inhabited by some civilian population. Among these civilians are a group of cutthroat marauders that seek only to gain money and power no matter how they have to achieve it.


Admission Fees:

$15 for one day

$20 for two days


Uniform code:


Federation D.S. - black and tan only

Ghost Army - green camouflage

Marauders - all other civilian clothing and post-apocalyptic costumes.


How the game will work:

Cataclysm is an economy based free roam game type set in a post-apocalyptic era that focuses on Live Action Role Play.  Where anything can happen. There will be an in game currency known as FC (Federation Currency) on the field that can be looted or found. Trading and interacting with other players is encouraged. Please bring a couple small items that can be looted or traded. Good looting type items will be for sale at the store. Some examples include. Patches, bottles of water, snacks, or other items essential to surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. The twist to our post-apocalyptic event is that there is a milsim aspect being combined with the free roam gameplay. So if you are into running missions and standard game play then Federation or Ghost Army is right for you. The civilian/marauder populace is pretty much on their own program and may join either of the other two sides at any time if offered the amount of FC or trade they desire. They may also just fight each other for quests, FC or seek to control areas of the field for their own use.

  Medic and looting rules apply for this event and downed players have a 5 minute bleed out before they are able to visit a med center for respawn. During the 5 minute bleed out is when looting can take place. Dead rags are required. A dead rag should be a red bandana or cloth and is worn during the bleed out time and the trip back to the med center for respawn. If a person is revived before the bleed out time is reached they may return to game play and is no longer able to be looted. Only 1 item can be looted at a time per downed player. Only items that are intended to be looted may be taken at the downed player's choice if the downed player wishes he/she may show you all of their lootable items for you to choose from. Downed players do not have to be looted by the person that shot them but can only be looted once per bleed out period.

NPC's (Non-Playable Character) will be on the field these will serve as both ref's and role players they may participate in gameplay but are not able to be shot and downed  they are in place to control various quests and missions during the game and also to ensure safety.

A post-apocalyptic costume contest will be held during the event and the winner will receive a special prize. Costumes should not restrict a person's ability to play and should be safe for the person wearing it and other player's on the field around him or her.

Five different cataclysm patches are available for this event Federation members get their own patch the other four patches will be available to purchase with FC during gameplay. Everyone will get a yellow patch to start out. To upgrade to higher level patches you must trade in your current patch at its value in FC and pay the remaining amount in FC for the patch you wish to purchase. What do you get out of higher ranked patches? Bragging rights! Here is the list of patches and the amounts in FC they are worth.

Yellow patch  -   10 FC

Red patch      -   20 FC

Green patch   -   40 FC

Blue patch      -   80 FC

Patches may also be used the at the next cataclysm event to be traded in for their value in FC


            Quests and missions will be available during this event and can be rewarded with FC or special prizes. NPC's will be in place to control these. Some quest items cannot be looted unless the person baring them chooses to hand it off along with the information needed to complete the quest. Quest items that are lootable will be marked so.  

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